Looking back on my pregnancy; may I present Hip Bursitis

This is a blog I wrote midway through my pregnancy as I was experiencing a very weird condition making it near impossible to sleep. Oh goody, sleep deprivation before the baby’s arrival.

Anyway, wanted to share as I’d never heard of it and consequently didn’t find anyone else in my preggo circle who was suffering from it…


I’m writing this at 23 weeks pregnant, beginning of Feb 2018.

For months now I’ve been suffering a burning, ache deep in both hips, flaring up mainly at bedtime.

Now when you’re preggers, and some sources will recommend even from as early as 16 weeks, you should be sleeping on your side, preferably the left. It goes some way to protect baby from being stillborn apparently. Ok, I’m in. No question. Wrap and tuck that heavenly pregnancy pillow all up in my grill and off I’ll drift to the land of nod.

But what’s that you say? Here, have some agonising pain that makes sleeping on your side near on impossible? GREAT TIMES.

Again, caveat, caveat; I am THRILLED, AMAZED and ALTOGETHER STILL IN A STATE OF DISBELIEF that I am pregnant. I haven’t fully crossed over to the other side yet, the next level of the game where I’m all ‘look at me, I’m pregnant and I really believe it’. Hence not even blogging (well, publishing) it until post baby arrival. But in all honesty, I am not having an easy, glowing pregnancy. That’s just how it is. So I’m sharing my truths.

I’m on tenter hooks all the time. Just yesterday I got what I describe as ‘that terrifying pain again’ that creeps around from on top of my left arse cheek and sweeps around under my bump on the left. It quite honestly renders me too scared to move, unable to speak and if I can move I straddle my yoga bolster and rock until it passes. I’ve had this maybe 4 times now, the first time happening on New Years Day 2018 in the shower where I literally fell to my knees. It is debilitating. I’ve spoken to the midwives and have been told that again, if I can feel baby move (I HATE THAT QUESTION) and there’s no other symptoms like a loss of fluid or blood then it is *probably* intense round ligament pain. Probably. That’s reassuring.

Anyway the hip thang. I mentioned it to my midwife and was told it was just everything loosening up. Cool. Then mentioned it to my GP and he didn’t know what it was. When I ended up in a&e the other night because (in an unrelated turn of events) I couldn’t breathe because of the most incredible stitch under my right rib, the docs there didn’t know what the hip thing was when I mentioned it to them too.

Then I went to yoga. My Sunday morning preggo yoga class run by Rhyanne Hall of Living Yoga London. Each week before we start stretching and shifting our blooming bods, we go around the class saying how many weeks we are and any new or reoccurring symptoms we want to share. I mentioned the hip thing and Rhyanne just casually said ‘that sounds like Bursitits’.

Never heard of it? Same. I then made appointments for Physio and learned that basically in different areas of our bodies we have ‘bursa’ which are like shock absorbers. And in pregnancy when the relaxin hormone is doing the rounds, some things give more than others and end up getting inflamed. For me, in my hips. YAY.

Ok Ms Physio, fix me yes? No. Well, via some weeks of massage and manipulation things did start to ease but I was told that because I’m pregnant the normal course of action can’t be followed; steroid injections or ultrasound therapy.

So while i’m still being sick every 2-3 days, that’s actually a piece of puked up cake compared to this condition. Sleeping is a mare. I will start on my left side, side straddling my glorious pregnancy pillow. We start off well. I go to sleep. A mere 2 hours later and I wake due to a deep deep hot burn in the hip I am resting on. No probs, I simply turn over on to my right but with the left still fizzing with pain. Then 30 mins later the right side kicks in and there we are, this spells out the remainder of my night tossing and turning, just wanting to sleep on my back but too terrified to because of baby.

I’m still working obviously, so to say I am groggy at work is a huge understatement. I joke about it but in all honesty I am fucked.

I am trying various remedies at home; icing the area (probably not enough) to aid a reduction in inflammation, rubbing magnesium gel on the areas and taking baths with epsom salts. I prop myself up in weird and wonderful ways atop various wedges and pillows to try and take the pressure off my bottom hip. Nothing works. And I am not a fan of painkillers, especially with a teeny bub inside me.

So there really isn’t a conclusion to this blog I’m afraid, but wanted to share as I have been endlessly googling ‘hips burning night time pregnant help’ and nothing is returned. So maybe if your hips are hunks of burning love during pregnancy, welcome to Club Burshite-is.



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