Ok, so what the hell am I doing?

This blog started out as a wordpress.com thing years ago. It was called The Rainbows End and was supposed to be for travel. Then I realised I didn’t do as much travel as possibly needed to maintain a blog.

So then it expanded to cover other things and then I panicked that I didn’t have a thing thing. Like, what was my THING?

So now here we are. I have a grown up domain and i’ve taken advice over the last year from bloggy experts – the likes of Liberty London Girl who I watched say to an audience of wannabe bloggers ‘just get on with it!’

I want to write about adventures, female wellbeing, general lifestyle and probably take a lot of pics of dogs. But I now don’t feel confined to those areas or that I need to specialise in anything. Yay! I think I have just given myself permission to ramble about….anything?

So the wellbeing thing – in early 2016 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and it’s a complete shit. Painful beyond belief and can rob you of your fertility. So when I was diagnosed I started questioning everything, from the food I eat to the stuff I lather on my skin in the shower. People don’t talk enough about this disease, so I plan to. And i’ll share what I find out if it helps those either with or without the condition. I’ve talked to diet specialists, acupuncturists and ayuervedic doctors. And I love them all, for their knowledge, understanding and dedicated care. So yes, female wellbeing is high up on my agenda – diet, mindfulness and courage.

Also on the wellness tip, I blogged back in April this year (2017) after suffering a cervical ectopic pregnancy after round 2 of IVF. I decided to be open about it in an attempt to lift the heavy lid on fertility related stigma. It opened up a world of wonderful women both in and out of my existing circle of friends and I want to help fellow wannabe mammas in any way I can.

Adventures – again following on from a rather serious year in 2016, I want bundles of fun and to fuel my curiosity more. I want out of my comfort zone as much as poss moving forward to…well, move forward.

I currently have a real job in TV, working in Marketing. Prior to that I worked in Marketing at a record label. My proper career has gifted me with working with musicians I truly admire and TV personalities, devising social media strategies, creating digital content and (very effectively and wisely) spending a heap of money to make millennials tune in to their TV sets.

I have a sausage dog called Rupert and he is my everything and I don’t care for people who don’t get that.

I’ve been married to Mr G for 6 years now and he is a true inspiration if you’re looking for a story about a bloke who used to be an electrician and is now an international sports commentator.

I am skilled in ye olde creative artform of Letterpress and can make greetings cards and prints in my spare time.

I am also qualified in teaching 7-11 year olds mindfulness, something I want to focus on in my future.

So, hi there.