2017; The year of the…Squirrel?


Well that may be a fib – first of the year, good start. BUT I am channeling squirrels for 2017.

Why you ask?

For my recent work Christmas do the theme was ‘Christmas Party Animals’ and after a quick browse on Etsy for animally attire I landed on a bushy grey squirrel tail and ear set – see here. And that was it, I was sold. I was going to be a good ol’ mischevious Prosecco loving squirrel.

The day after the party I witnessed a SQUIRREL MURDER outside my own front door. There was a screaming squirrel being chased and pounced on by the neighbourhood’s most cunty of cats. I took this as my signal to become Vicky; Human protector and champion of all Squirrels henceforth.
I then took a pre-Christmas trip to NYC (sure) and came face to face with a jet black squirrel (say what?) in Tomkins Square Park and on an afternoon rummage around the Macy’s festive dept, noticed it was decked out with jerky tailed squirrel Christmas decorations.

I rendered myself surrounded. No, chosen. With trepidation, I Googled ‘squirrel symbolism’ and there it was, right there on the internet for heavens sake; adventure and fun.

Turns out I want more of both of those things this year please as 2016 was largely a serious year. I’ve been prodded and poked down below more times than I care to divulge (see previous posts on endometriosis for the backstory but there’s been loads of goings on since then too), have been told my cervix is closed ‘which is very unusual in someone your age, soz’ (the most recent hospital appointment however actually went back on this diagnosis, hoorah!) and have been in chronic pain for the most part (seriously, I feel like I’m in pain more often than not these days and its absolutely exhausting).

So 2016 was a year of gritted teeth and stress induced stiff necks.

Adventure then, is my key theme for this year. There’s a travel company I’ve had my eye on for a while who I would like to give some of my adventure fund to; Much Better Adventures. Their vision is genius; weekend adventures aimed at those who are time poor, so us 9-7ers. Track wildlife and snowshoe through the Swedish wilderness you say? SIGN ME UP.

Also I reeeeaaaaaally would like to stay at Hex Cottage  – no electricity, just candlelight and fire cosiness.

The word ‘adventure’ knows no bounds. Some might be trips, others might be taking a wrong turn on a walk and just going with it.

I mentioned an Adventure fund above right? Each month the idea is to set aside whatever I can to go towards adventures. No more taxing than that really. So far theres -£283 in there because y’know, Christmas.

Roll on pay day.



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