What the fuck do you pack for your first weekend away with a baby?

I’ll save you the bother of reading the whole thing if you’re in a rush; A SHIT TON. Bye bye mummy’s overnight case. That now belongs to the small person.


For the longer version and perhaps some tips, read on.


Earlier in the month hubs and I ventured our first weekend away with our baby, 3.5 months old. The primary destination was Margate for a Christening where John and I were to proudly become godparents to a little delicious 2 year old. However, my search for Margate accommodation was not fruitful due to a) Folk Week and b) a number of lush places like The Reading Rooms not allowing kiddies. Natch.


I widened the search and stumbled upon a little boutique hotel called Albion House in nearby Ramsgate. I booked it for two nights. Not least because the restaurant Townleys had the wall paint colour I would like for my downstairs loo.


Anyone who knows me will vouch that I’m a list maker. Love a list me. So there seemed no more perfect an opportunity than this; listing out ALL the things one could possibly need to take on baby’s first weekend away. Listing away as if Ramsgate doesn’t have a Boots.


Wanna see the list I was working to? Here goes.


  • Cotton sheet for Nuna travel cot
  • Steam steriliser
  • Distilled cold water in big flask
  • Small flask and bottles and formula powder container
  • 1 box of formula, clip and knife for levelling the spoonfuls out
  • Ergo baby
  • Loads of clothes
  • Socks
  • 18 Nappies
  • Bibs and muzzies – LOADS
  • Thermometer
  • Towel
  • Sleeping bag x 2 in case nappy leaks at night
  • Wash cloth
  • Water wipes
  • Nappy sacks
  • Blanket for playing on
  • Toys
  • Bottle brush and washing up liquid
  • Dummies
  • Nappy cream and nail files
  • Travel cot
  • Bassinet and wheels
  • Spare sheet for bassinet incase of bum leaks


  • Knickers
  • Bras
  • Moisturiser for legs
  • Razor
  • Straighteners
  • Makeup
  • Shoes and dress
  • Breastpads
  • Safety pins for dress
  • Christening Presents
  • Trainers and birkis
  • Jeans and tops
  • Little trainer socks
  • Sunnies
  • Boob cream
  • Hair bands
  • Deodorant
  • Cardigan
  • Charger
  • PJs

Yep. Told you. List maker. And yes, these days I absolutely do need to remind myself to pack undies and makeup and shoes. Because you know what? My brain is so full right now it’s ridic. Whatever cogs used to turn in there have got a bit of the old rust going on and I can’t remember where the oil is because, well, brain mush.

So with the above all packed plus extras in my mummy rucksack, we were ready. The car was jam packed.

Our little piglet really hates being put in her car seat so neither of us knew how this journey was going to go but once we were on the move she was a’snoozin and we had Kisstory followed by some sweet soul Spotify playlist on the go.

Albion House was a top little haunt. The staff were so welcoming and helpful. Our room (opposite one that Queen Victoria stayed in yonks ago, sure), had more than enough room for our new Nuna travel cot, featured a super king size bed, gorgeous lighting and a marble bathroom. I love places that pay attention to detail and this was an Instagrammers dream. Incidentally following a post of mine on the gram, actual real life Instagrammer and blogger doll Hannah Gale booked a one night stay there just this past weekend. You can read about that here. Thank Christ she liked it.

Whilst there were no lifts in the hotel, our room was on the first level so really not that much of a biggy. Although I wasn’t the one carting the ‘travel system’ up and down the stairs. I was busy taking photos of my feet on said stairs because I liked the runner.

Our first night was a heady mix of OH YAY WE’RE AWAY excitement mixed with WHAT IS THE BABY GOING TO DO angst. And in truth, she was a total dream.

We had booked a 7pm dinner in Townleys which is a beautifully decorated room and the waiter was all too helpful in guiding us to a table where we could easily reverse the pram in without causing too much bother to anyone else. I was definitely eyeing people in the restaurant to see if they were all ‘ergh, how annoying a BABY is in here’ but they weren’t. Even when she squeaked a bit.

I had a mocktail. That’s right people. I went IN. It was delish. As was the Dover Sole. Hubs was accommodated well, being vegan and all.

We had decided pre-dinner, to feed the baby her night time bottle and dress her for bed, in her sleeping bag. I think this was John’s brainwave and it was aceness. We popped her in the pram, made it as dark as possible by pulling down the shade and tried to be totally normal.

And you know what? Normality was pretty much convincing if i’m honest. We were out having a nice meal and our baby was being a saint.

9pm comes and I’m pooped and anticipating the transfer to her cot, that she’d never slept in before. Oh gad.

Again though, she was amazing and settled right down. Whaaaaat? However, it was a weird experience for me. At home she sleeps in a Snuz Pod which is a co-sleeper attached to my side of the bed. I can hear all her little whimpers and breaths which is really comforting. However, we had set the travel cot up about a metre away from me – arrgggggh! So I obvs kept jumping out of bed to check on her. And she was of course, fine. I decided though to pop the top I’d been wearing all day on the chair next to the cot so she could get a good whiff of mummy if she needed soothing. Soz baby.

Sooo, what worked well and what did we learn?

Fancy a list for this bit? coming right up… 

  • If you use a dummy, get one of these Milton Portable steriliser things. You pop a little tablet in some water every morning until it fizzes away and then it keeps as a sterile environment for 24 hours with the dummy easily slotting into a holey sponge inside.
  • This Sanitising Water is amazing too, and all natural. We had the 500ml one from Boots but i’ve since purchased a little 50ml one that you can pop in your purse or bag. You might therefore not need both this and the Milton thingy but I like both. I would spray the shit out of the bottles and teats with this and theres no need to wash it off pre-feed.
  • At home we use the Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine for our formula feeds. But we didn’t lug this along with us. So we stuck to boiling up some water each morning and transferring that to a small flask for the little hotshot of water you do to kill any bad bacteria in the formula powder. And we bought some room temp distilled water from home in a big flask plus another glass bottle load. This lasted us the 2 nights.
  • We took, and used, two baby sleeping bags. I packed two in case she had a nappy leak on the first night.
  • Out of the 18 nappies packed, we used 12 so i was actually pretty pleased with this guesstimate.
  • Toys wise, I only packed her fave cloth book, a wooden rattle and two wrist rattles. That was more than enough.
  • I would defo next time pack more warm things for baby; more trousers and a cardi.
  • I would also want something that she can sit up in if she’s awake while we’re getting ready to leave/go out. She’s at the age now where laying on her back all the time is getting DULL DULL DULL so I ended up using some of the pillows and cushions in our room to prop her up for a bit. Any tips on portable little seats?
  • Defo defo take plastic bags (actually no, that’s bad isn’t it…). Pack something that you can put baby’s dirty clothes in as they go through things so quickly that you’ll defo want to keep that stuff separate for when you pack to go home.
  • Take whatever thermometer you use to make sure you know the temp of the room you’re staying in. We have a Gro Egg at home but for ease just took the one we use for her baths as it reads the air temp too. This one.
  • Steam steriliser. We took it and used it. But I think moving forward we would just be really vigilant at washing up bottles in hot soapy water before spraying them with the Sanitising Water pre-feeds.
  • We didn’t use the Ergo Baby as I forgot to read up on what to do re: infant insert. I think once they hit a certain weight you can get rid of it but can still use the little bum shelf if they’re still not sturdy enough head and neck wise? Will defo be using this on future trips.
  • Bibs, or dribble bibs are essential. Our baby is on goats milk formula and believe me when she spews some out during a feed it’s like anything it has touched has been dipped in the bog of eternal stench (ref the best film of all time, The Labyrinth). So many many of these needed. I think I packed like 12, lols.
  • Oh and we didn’t bath her once, we just top and tailed. So her towel etc wasn’t used.
Most of all though, this weekend break really built my confidence in taking baby away. I always had visions that I’d just strap baby on and travel the world and whilst I’m not quite at that point yet, I’m pleased we now have a foothold on what the hell it’s like to be out of your comfort zone with your little dependent nuzzled in at your neck.


So, where to next?

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