New Years in Suffolk…AKA staycations RULE!


I get bored easily, so I am told. Change my mind a lot.

If we were to remarry (eachother obvs) I’d have a totally different dress and theme. If (when) we finally move house to my dreamy period property I would decorate it vastly different to our current place.

So New Years I literally couldn’t stand to just be at home. Sometimes home is great, other times it’s just the place where the (fucking) dishwasher doesn’t work properly, there’s washing just everywhere, a whole world of pain lives under the bed and even the plants that you definitely watered once are on the turn.

So I took it upon myself to book a last min escape to Suffolk for Dec 30th and 31st.

Me, Mr G and Rupert headed to The Seed Store, a little one bed place on High Ash Farm. One of the ‘Best of Suffolk’ accommodations. Wasn’t cheap; £450 for 2 nights.

Took 2 hours to get there, winding down the roads in the thick fog with a garage playlist on the go (lols) but when we did it was just what we needed. Peace and quiet, really dark at night and private. And equipped with a reading chair – hoorah!

We got ourselves into the welcome bottle of red and settled down to some homemade (vegan) cottage pie I’d rustled up and packed before starting the O.J Simpson Made In America series. Romance isn’t dead.

{More words after this batch of pics}






New Years Eve was one of those sunny and bright winter days sent from heaven. Took the dog for a local wander in the morning then decided to jump in the car and head to Aldeburgh Beach, about 25 mins away.

I hadn’t heard of Aldeburgh before but since being back home I’ve been on Rightmove checking out the properties there a LOT.

It’s quaint, villagey and has none of that cheap seaside town vibe going on. There’s a good selection of shops on the high street – including L’occitane and Joules – and fish and chip shops with queues stretching round the corner.

People, I’m guessing were locals, were walking their dogs merrily about the place wishing strangers like me a very happy new year.

It was extremely doggy friendly which gets a huge thumbs up from me. Checkout this dude, a mountain of a dog next to little Rupes!

{More words after this batch of pics}


A walk on the pebbly beach and we’re soon spotting seals bobbing about in the water. We came across the beach Christmas Tree where you were prompted to pick up a pebble to write a wellbeing wish for the new year on and stack it under the tree…

One portion of scampi and chips later, sat on a bench shivering cold and I’m all ‘England is really GREAT!’ I definitely haven’t seen enough of it so need to do more exploring.

On the list is Herne Bay as we have some close friends that live nearby, the Isles of Scilly and Wales.

YES England!






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