Hello from Beccles, Norfolk…

I’m currently sat in a pub in Beccles. It’s called The Three Horseshoes. I’ve never heard of Beccles, have you?

I’ve got a table for one, with Rupert on my lap. I’ve got a white wine spritzer on the go and the local scampi has been ordered.

Out the front of the pub the wooden seating is nowhere to be seen as people of all ages are sprawled out as a young couple play some acoustic pop ditties.

As I enter the pub I am in my element. Dogs. Dogs are everywhere. On laps, wandering the pub, chewing chews, carrying sticks, sniffing bums. Of other dogs.

Is it just because it’s a bank holiday tomorrow and 23 degrees that people are literally beaming? The pub is so happy.

I’ve just made my way here from the little shepherds hut I booked on AirBNB last week. On a whim. Hubby John is set to be working the majority of the bank holiday due to UFC duties next week so I just thought ‘bugger it, pack your bags Rupes!’

My Shepherds Hut is called Jemima. And she’s a beaut. I have my own private shower and loo in the nearby outbuilding and a table and chairs for me to adorn when I get back from the pub. I’ve brought a new book and a bottle of fruity cider to drink under the stars.

Smug life.

I’m not sure I could be any happier just now. Save for the hubby being here. I love people watching, especially happy people watching. And this little lot at the pub just keep on giving.

“How ya doing Fred? Long time no see.”

“That’s a mini dachshund, I rehomed a standard last week. Cracking little dogs.”

“He knows what I’m thinking and feeling…”(about his dog)

My kinda folk.

I mean yes, I am sort of eavesdropping. But I just love meeting new people. I want to talk to the old man perched at the bar with his wiry terrier on his lap. I’ll weigh that up as I leave.

I’d love to be here with a big group of friends and family. Whiling away the hours, not a care about drinking alcohol because of fertility shit. Bring on those days when that hurdle has been well and truly cleared.

I was a bit nervy this morning, packing my bags at home. Hhmmm, staying in a shepherds hut in a meadow on my own. But since arriving there after a breezy two and a bit hour drive, zero traffic, I can’t wait to get back there and settle in for the night. There are some campers who have pitched up for the night nearby, plus one other shepherds hut. The occupants of that one were opening a bottle of wine at their garden table as I was leaving for the pub, their two spaniels writhing around on the grass at their feet.



I’m so excited by life just now. And being in a happy place like this is making me think of that some more.

Last week I got a tax rebate on the same day I found a course that excited me. It’s a teacher training course to teach 7-11yr olds mindfulness. So that dosh came and went as soon as it hit my account. I’ll be qualified by November.

How amazing to help children. Reports of kids as young as 5 getting anxiety due to tests and exams. No way. Not for me. And not for our kids when they finally arrive. I really question the education system so getting myself set up to be able to support my own kids (and others) to focus on the here and now, to be mentally and emotionally equipped, to be conscious, compassionate and kind, is really high on my agenda.

So there’s that.

Then I am going to look into writing retreats. I am going to write a book.

But for now, I’ve finished my dins, Rupert’s breath is stinking up the joint, so I think I’ll pay up and make a move.

But it’s been freakin delightful.

To tomorrow and the beach!



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  1. Anne says:

    Sounds wonderful Vicky. Enjoy the remainder of your escape ?

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