The products I use on baby’s bum, clothes, in her nursery and more…

I’ve been asked a few times to write a blog on this subject so behold everyone, here ‘tis.

I get nervous hitting publish on things like this though as I fear I’m adding to the quagmire of ALLLL the opinion that mums face about the choices they make for their little ones. Because amongst all the opinion we can cloud over and sometimes fail to feel our own deep instincts, to tune in to our inner mummy wisdom that even on the tough days is in there somewhere. Underneath a packet of digestives in my case perhaps.

Some may say I go too far on things and that there’s little evidence for the safety of one type of lotion say, over another. So I’m literally hitting go on this blog with little to no opinion attached to it. It’s just a simple old list of my choices that apparently may appeal to some peeps on the other end of the screen. 

Power to ALL the mamas and dadas doing their thing for their babies. Here’s some of my thing.

1) Nappies and bum changing 

We use Naty nappies, although I’m waiting for some reusable ones to come through from the council to give those a try at home.

I stopped buying the Pampers disposable change mats in favour of some washable ones here.

We use Water Wipes for cleaning the situation although trying to cut down on using these at home and bought these reusable bamboo ones for face and hands after food and these for bum changing. 

Once we’re out of our current batch of Water Wipes I’m switching to the biodegradable ones by Kinder by Nature.

Nappy cream – Burts Bees

Generally all lotions are paraben and SLS free.

2) Laundry

I wash baby’s clothes and textiles separately to ours – is that normal? Certainly makes for loads more bloody washing. Anyway, I use Attitude Living laundry wash and softener.

3) Bath time

In baby’s bath water I just use organic coconut oil. I wash her in Burts Bees body wash and then when she’s dry I will put some coconut oil on her cheeks as they tend to get a little dry, and on her body I use Earth Mama lotion. I found this article when she started to get little dry patches on her arms a few months ago and Earth Mama cleared it up a treat! Annoying as it’s not sold in the UK but…

Bath toys – I currently opt for natural rubber, fully moulded so that there’s no danger of mould developing inside the toys. Got these recently and she loves them! When she is loose in the big tub I think the options will become more plastic-y though.

4) Colds and teething 

I found NatraBio on iHerb as I was hunting high and low for a natural cold remedy for under 1s and really believe that the colds she has had since I bought their products haven’t gone the whole hog. I use their Cold and Flu daytime drops, night time drops plus I have teething drops too. Annoying because I think they come from the States again so I have also found and spoken to a local homeopath who if I chose to, I would take baby to see for some personal potions depending on her symptoms at the time.

Obviously if she’s really struggling with a cold/fever/teething I have Calpol and that orange Nurofen liquid close to hand too but will always give the natural stuff a good go first to help support her immune system through it, not just mask the symptoms. But herbal and homeopathic remedies aren’t for everyone and they can even scare some. So it really is a very individual choice. I even felt a little eeeeeeek giving her the first drops of the cold stuff but now feel very assured that they help her.

I’m not a clean freak by any means and think it’s important they’re exposed to germs but when changing her in public baby change rooms or on the road at service stations and she wants to touch EVERYTHING I rub some of this Green People sanitiser on her hands afterwards.

Teething – Ashton and Parsons herbal granules and the NatraBio drops above and now she has two teefs I use Jack n Jill’s stuff to clean them. 

5) Textiles
I try and get organic cotton as much as possible but not all the time and places like H&M and Hema make that achievable budget wise. Got loads of bamboo stuff too.

6) Nursery
We used toxin free paint on her wooden floors as knew she’d be spending a lot of time down there. So glad we did too because when we moved back home from our rental she had bronchiolitis so hefty paint fumes would’ve made her struggle much more. Lakeland paint. 

Mattress and sheets from The Little Green Sheep

Cot from Mokee – toxin free paint, sustainable wood.

Toxin free jigsaw playmat from Done by Deer but I’m despo for a Totter and Tumble one. Saving up the pennies!

Toys – I go for wooden as much as possible over plastic. Not always achievable and we still have a lot of the colourful plastic stuff but it’s definitely a firm stance of mine. See here for a blog about alternatives to plastic toys. 

We don’t have a baby jumper or anything like that yet as was waiting for her to be able to hold her body weight on her legs first. I plonk her on the floor on various mats or in her Baby Bjorn bouncer for now which is getting interesting as she’s started to crawl and wants out. I won a competition recently for the Sleepyhead Grand to test out so that will be arriving soon, another place to plonk her. I’m going to get a jersey fabric ball pit once she’s 1 I think and sometimes have balls in it and other times just some toys. I mean who knows. No one? And in her playroom I’m going to get some soft play floor shapes for her to crawl on, over, under.

7) Other

I descale the steam steriliser using white vinegar. Works better than descaler and probably not as harsh/chemically. Cheaper too.

I use probiotics in her first morning bottle to aid towards her gut health and nutrient absorption because her birth was anything but straightforward (are any?!) and she was put on a course of antibiotics pretty much as soon as she was out 🙁 


Anyway, that’s it. Babye!

Was this blog in any way helpful? I’d really love to know.


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